The Good Friday procession turns into a historic parade of great value. In the light of the torches, a real historical re-enactment takes place. It will capture the viewer by transporting him to an atmosphere suspended in time.

The historic Good Friday procession dates back to 1992 when the parish priest of Casole d’Elsa found many old objects stored and unused for some time in an old wardrobe in the sacristy. Thanks to this precious discovery, it was then possible, through meticulous research, to reconstruct the ancient rite of the Historical Procession of Good Friday, the last representation of which dates back to the early 1930s.

The Historical Procession was in ancient times a “parade of the symbols of the Passion of Christ” and so it is still proposed again. The Cross carried by the “Cyreneus” proceeds slowly and behind, to a host of Roman Soldiers, Pilate, Veronica the Pious women and all the symbols of the Passion themselves brought by children.

The choreographic enrichment due to the creation of the costumes and the involvement of a large part of the population among the characters, have made a major contribution to the image of this rediscovered tradition in respect of its origins and its meanings.

The Historical Procession has a three-year cadence.